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Ignite Your Inner Greatness: A 30-Day Challenge - Group Coaching

How Would You Like to Change Your Life, Your Results, Your Energy Levels, Your Health and Your Happiness?


The 30-Day Coaching Program is like a fitness program but designed to work on changing your thinking and consistent emotions so you experience more SUCCESS and HAPPINESS in your life.

I have coached CEO's, single mothers, retirees, elite athletes, UN workers, and even Life Coaches themselves, from the 4-corners of the globe, through the 30-Day Challenge with amazing results and life changes. So this is always the program we recommend for the most powerful results from Coaching.


It Includes:

Daily personal development lessons, delivered to you through podcasts, videos, and digital books.

A Personal Journal & Workbook to take knowledge to practice to wisdom.

A powerful belief switch exercise developed by a team of psychologists from the USA to help you remove disempowering beliefs that may be holding you back from the life you want and a pool of excess energy.

Powerful Daily rituals to reboot your emotional state every day and allow you to be in a peak state to achieve your goals.

And MORE!!