18 Ways We Make Life WAY Harder Than It Needs To Be


Do you like life being HARD, or CONFUSING, or like PUSHING SHIT UPHILL?

There are things we do, which we are often unaware of, that make life way harder than it needs to be.

Discover what these traps, obstacles, pitfalls, blind-spots and illusions might be; and then get the roadmap and practical steps to AVOID them.

Making your life way easier and more joyful.


"Written with insight and clarity - Carl Massy tells you what you need to know about how your thinking and old behaviors can limit your life. Carl is the master of seeing what's in plain sight but we are often blind to. His practical wisdom and no-BS approach makes this a book for those who want to make everything in their life cleaner and clearer. This book will help you with everything from making tough decisions to breaking bad habits. I highly recommend."

Brigid Delaney
Author of 'Wellmania' and 'Reasons Not to Worry'

Would you choose a life which is HARDER

than it needs to be, or would you much prefer



That might be a dumb-arse question, but here’s the REALITY.

We knowing or unknowingly, consciously or unconsciously, make life WAY HARDER than it needs to be. Period. 

Here are the main reasons:

  • We have blind spots (we don’t know what we don’t know).
  • We were poorly taught (or were never taught).
  • We don’t realize how much the ‘little’ stuff adds up (to BIG stuff).
  • We don’t consider how big of a pain in our butt some choices will become.
  • We get too lazy, complacent or sloppy (and don’t realise the consequences).

In this light, insightful, practical, resource-rich and entertaining book, let long-time Mindset Coach, ex-Army Major and former Olympic Games security consultant, let you know - plain and simple - how not to, and where not to, place your foot if you want to avoid the figurative doggie do-do (aka: shit) in life. Making your life is (a lot) less hard, and a whole lot more joyful, peaceful and fulfilling. 

I think we can all agree that life is hard enough as it is, without making it any harder than it needs to be. Being the most beat up person to cross the finish line is hardly cause for celebration. You want to finish the race, with the highest satisfaction and fulfilment store, without having to mess yourself up on the way. Smarter, not harder.

Are you read to be shown your blind-spots (and a better way to navigate them)?

The book comes with a great range of practical resources and access to some of Carl’s other Audiobooks.

Carl is also the author of The Guidebook Series, The Successful Mind and Decision Making Mastery. He has a podcast called Life Masterclass and conducts seminars online and around the world, from his tropical home base in Bali, where is has been coaching people in-person and remotely for over 16-years.







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"What an insightful look at some of the ways we make our own lives harder than they need to be without even realising it. Carl Massy neatly summarises 18 different ways in which we shoot ourselves in the foot. With humour and a pragmatic approach he explains each of the 18 ways and gives us a handy tip at the end of each chapter, underlining how, in real life, we can stop sabotaging our own efforts. The silly things we do to put a spanner in the works include getting our advice from unqualified people, not checking in adequately with the facts but instead relying on ill-founded assumptions, using obstructive language and lacking a clear direction. The ones I personally needed to hear most were the one about lightening up and not taking life so seriously and the one about not expecting a different outcome when I’m putting in the same ingredients. Interesting how these patterns come up again and again… I loved how Carl’s personal stories emerged in the text as well as the colourful anecdotes from his 15 year coaching career which illustrate his points so clearly. This is not a top-down prescriptive manual but an honest and compassionate sharing of life experiences and reflections. This has been a happy addition to my collection of books that help make life even more fun and rewarding."

Doris Hasslocher, MD
Health Coach


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