One of my greatest lessons

"I only know what I know and

don't know what I don't know."


Getting Help and a Professional Perspective is a REALLY SMART move.

Are you ready to truly EVOLVE?


(Remote or Live)

Do you have an important life decision to make, with potentially high consequences and you want to make a GREAT decision?

(And maybe strategic steps to go with it)

I am passionate about helping people make awesome decisions.

Sometimes you are caught inside your own decision making loop, or you have too many assumptions, or lack the knowledge or experience, or have dreamed up too many courses of action, or are too ‘in the weeds’ and are totally confused or paralyzed.

You need outside help (especially if there are potentially high consequences associated with the decision).

Fresh off the back of writing my 5th book Decision Making Mastery and having a very strong background in strategic decision-making (plus having worked with 100’s of clients to help them make important decisions), I know I can help you make the best decision possible.  

Have you ever wasted significant time, energy, money, and peace of mind or even harmed relationships in the past from a poor decision?

It is time to invest in some professional help.

The investment in a one-off 2-hour Decision Making Mastery Strategy Session with me (in person or online) is
US$ 350

You will also receive a copy of Decision Making Mastery with the session (audiobook and paperback).



5 DAY 1-on-1 IMMERSION in Bali


Immerse yourself in Project YOU and FAST TRACK your RESULTS.

Focusing on: Personal, Professional and Lifestyle Evolution.




Coaching & Mastermind Group: Consolidation to Break Through

3-Months | Maximum of 6 people | Starts 1 September 2023

Secure Your Place Now.


This is a powerful Group Coaching and Mastermind Program to change the course of your life, and at the most accessible price I offer to any of my coaching clients. It only happens once per year, so get in touch sooner, rather than later.

For the FULL details, click on this link.

If you want LASTING CHANGE and RESULTS this is the year!

Change rarely happens quickly and rarely 'sticks'. But it is VERY likely to happen and to stick, when you commit to supported, guided and deep 'work' for an extended time (6-months).

I Would Love to Work with You if We are The Right Fit

I have been Coaching for 15 years now, and worked with 100's of clients from all walks of life.

I have worked with CEO's, Entrepreneurs, Multi-Millionaires, World Champion Athletes, Business Owners, Olympians, Coaches, Single Mum's, Executives, Yoga Teachers, and everything in between

And before I started coaching, I spent 19-years in high level strategic planning as an Officer in the Army, and then as a security consultant to Olympic Games.

In my coaching practice, I focus on major transitions, plus health, relationships, lifestyle, business, mindset and personal psychology.

I have studied NLP, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Timeline Therapy, the LifeLine Technique, EFT, the Emotion Code and numerous other modalities.



VIP 1-on-1 Program (3-Months)

This opportunity is for the select few. Those people that want to radically change their life and have the changes last. They know that life is currently distracting them from reaching their full potential. They need to break away, in order to be, do and have more in their life. And they know if they really want to make the difference they know they are capable of they need to take a much bigger step.

This person hungers for something more and wants a high level of expert support to help them do a complete makeover in all areas of their life (their self, their relationships and their work). They want to positively impact the people they care about in an even bigger way and do something truly significant with their lives.

They don’t just want ‘change’. They want transformation and a life fully lived. They want their life to be a much greater adventure. To get even more out of life. To get off the hamster wheel and truly experience life in all its richness. And if they can tick a couple of things off their Bucket List along the way – even better!

Live life as an adventure as you express even more of yourself.

Are you ready for more? More life? More living? More success? More meaning? More vitality? More adventure? More wisdom? More impact? More joy? More influence? More love? More fun?

So what’s this 3-month transformational program look like?

Does this sound like something you would LOVE to do and want to explore a little more?

If this is giving you goosebumps, or has you checking your calendar to see when you could get started, or getting you to dust off the Bucket List, then you might want to send me an email so we can get this life changing conversation started.


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