If you are not feeling 100% centred, grounded, stable, creative and generally empowered then this might be just what you need. 




We have not seen THE BEST OF YOU yet.

But that is all about to change!!


This was a question I kept asking myself in 2021:


"With my specific skillset and experiences, how can I best serve my clients, friends & family and humanity at large?" Here is what manifested.


The Aim of this resilience bootcamp is to transform us all from our small

'self' into our BIG 'Self'


We all have so much more potential than what we have been 'lead' to believe. As the heading says, this is about a transformation for you. From any parts of you or your life that are still playing small, and transforming them into a greater, and bigger version of yourself.

One way to do this is to bring forth the right archetypes for the right time in history. The world (and even our communities) needs us all to become an even greater LEADER, WARRIOR and SAGE.

Are you ready to become a SuperHuman?


You can get full access to the (VERY PRACTICAL) 5-Week Resilience Bootcamp and START NOW (Self-Paced) or join a supported GROUP Coaching Program starting in 2023 (Date: TBC).

It is time to let your SuperHuman-ness radiate like a supernova!!



One of the greatest LIES we are told:

"You are not powerful, just as you are." 

(as if something is missing)


Most of us (99%) have been "lead" to believe that we are much less powerful than we actually are. We are encouraged to believe that there is something missing or broken or we need some 'external' thing to make us more capable, competent and powerful.

You are SO MUCH more powerful and capable than you have been lead to believe. Many of us have been conditioned to show up as the small 'self' as opposed to playing life as the big Self we truly are created as.

It's time for things to change. It's time to bring your big Self to this game of life.

Are you ready to change the game?

 You already have the inner potential to be a NATURAL SUPERHUMAN and now it is time to bring forward those parts of you that are MOST needed and most effective to navigate your way through 2022 and beyond.

It is time to sharpen, develop and enhance these natural parts of you, which are already a part of who you are - but need to be dusted off, polished up and expressed more overtly in this Game of Life.

You, as a Natural Superhuman, practice (self) Leadership in a way that allows you to make the best decisions, in the right way, in the right time, coming from the right place to get the best RESULTS - that are Good for you, Good for others, and Good for the greater good. A great leader is essential for navigating uncertain or turbulent times.





Imagineering, Decision Making, Pattern Recognition, Creativity, Flexibility, Perspective, Asks Great Questions. 

You, as a Natural Superhuman, practice being a modern day Warrior, by living with a Moral Code, a strength of conviction, commitment to doing the work to hone your skills and stability of both body and mind. You have the power to stand for what you believe in and be immovable.





Practices drills that have the biggest ROI on resilience, health, vitality, productivity, effectiveness and efficiency. 

You, as a Natural Superhuman, practice the way of the Sage, in that you are constantly learning. You are open-minded and can see the bigger picture. You are non-reactive, so always have access to your higher mind, and you are fully conscious of your internal and external environment. You are also connected to Source.





Thoughtful, Creative, Self-Aware, Highly Attuned Senses, Able to Read 'Signs', Sense of Humour.

Are you ready to become a SuperHuman?


You can get full access to the (VERY PRACTICAL) 5-Week Resilience Bootcamp and START NOW (Self-Paced) or join a supported GROUP Coaching Program starting in 2023 (Date: TBC).

It is time to let your SuperHuman-ness radiate like a supernova!!



"Carl is a living example of the kind of life he inspires others create.  It is so inspiring to work with a coach who has actually practiced what he preaches. He is deeply knowledgeable and practiced in so many modalities that he has been able to help me find my way through so many different things. Perhaps my favorite thing about Carl, though, is that he is simultaneously deeply loving and fiercely challenging.  He sees straight to the heart any matter, stands for my ability to succeed, and doesn't put up with any excuses. I come out of ever session feeling stronger, inspired, and more empowered, every time."

Leah Pearlman, Author of DharmComics.com

Start Immediately (Self-Paced) or the next Group Program in 2023 (Date: TBC)



They are also living life at the Consciousness Level of 'COURAGE' - according to the levels of consciousness as categorized by Dr David Hawkins (author of Power Vs Force).

Additionally, they understand they are part of something (much) bigger and more connected, which neuroscientists might call it the 'Unified Quantum Field' and others might call Source, God, Allah, The Divine, Mother Nature, or Life.






Week 1: WARM-UPS

Laying Down the Fundamentals

& Foundations for a Natural SuperHuman

In order to become the Natural Superhuman you have the potential to be, there are a number of fundamental teachings and insights you need to be aware of and integrate.

Additionally, the quality of the foundations that we all build have a significant impact on not only our final creation, but the resiliency and sustainability of the new you. 

The Training includes: 5 Key Virtues, plus Emotional Mastery, an NLP Belief Switch Activity, Critical Thinking, and Practical Spirituality. Also the Audiobook - The Successful Mind. PLUS a weekly LIVE Group Q&A Coaching Session.

For the GROUP Program there will be a 60-min LIVE "Introduction to Becoming a Natural SuperHuman" Zoom call at 4pm (Bali time) in addition to the weekly Q&A Coaching Session.


Time to Step Into and

Up To Your Inner LEADER

There is a great definition of a leader which goes like this: 'A leader is responsible for creating the environment which is conducive to the success of the team.'

That team can be your 40-70 trillion cells, or it can be the team made up of your friends and community. It is necessary in the 2020's to truly step into being a leader of your own life, and a role model in your community.

The content will include: 1) The Virtues & Behaviours of a Leader, 2) 2 x 'Core' (Leader) Skills, 3) 5 x Daily Activities, and 4) a hypnosis session to unleash your inner Leader. The Audiobook - Decision Making Mastery. PLUS a weekly LIVE Q&A Coaching Session


Time to Own & Hone

Your Inner WARRIOR

In this week we look at what it means to be a modern day warrior. It is more of a personal psychology, way of thinking, and way of acting, as opposed to just being able to 'fight'.

The Warrior is always working on their craft. Is ready to act at a moments notice. Has a Moral Code that they live by. And has taught themselves to be okay with facing and standing within a place of discomfort, for the greater good. 

The content will include: 1) The Virtues & Behaviours of a Warrior, 2) 2 x 'Core' (Warrior) Skills, 3) 5 x Daily Activities, and 4) a hypnosis session to unleash your inner Warrior. Also an introduction to yoga, and a yoga class with Octavio Salvado from The Practice yoga centre. PLUS a weekly LIVE Q&A Coaching Session. 


Time to Awaken & Embrace

Your Inner SAGE

We are all gifted with an inner sage. An inner knowing. An inner connection to a pool of information that exists beyond our 5 primary senses.

It is time to understand how to tap into, to discern, to intuit and to bring forth the inner SAGE that has always been ready, willing and able to serve you in becoming the greatest expression of yourself, in a way that serves humanity in a way that is craving for now, and leads to a new level of evolutionary experience.

The content will include: 1) The Virtues & Behaviours of a Sage, 2) 2 x 'Core' (Sage) Skills, 3) 5 x Daily Activities, and 4) a hypnosis session to unleash your inner Sage. Also presentations on the topics of death and spiritual fasting. PLUS a weekly LIVE Q&A Coaching Session. 


Integrating the LEADER,


This workshop is all about 'PRACTICALITY'. Taking concepts and putting them into real life practice. 

It is about you becoming more awesome, so you can do more awesome stuff, so you can make the world a more awesome place.

This is where we get really clear about how an integrated Leader, Warrior, and Sage, goes about their normal life in a way that allows them not only to 'survive' but actually THRIVE in challenging,  disruptive and even oppressive times.

PLUS there will be 5 x Daily Activities, a lessons on Conscious Living, and a LIVE Group Q&A Coaching Session where we will talk about how to practically apply these virtues & behaviours (practically) into your current and future life.

Weekly LIVE Q&A and Guidance Sessions (Group Option)*


Every week there will be an opportunity to ask specific questions about how to PRACTICALLY integrate your Leader, Warrior and Sage into every day life and living. We will work on real-world challenges and finding creative solutions.

The calls will be on Zoom at Thursday 4PM Bali (Denpasar) time. I know this is a crappy time for the USA superhuman's, so for you; you can leave questions before the session, and they will be answered on the call (and recorded).

Check your timezone by clicking here.

Over the 5-weeks, there will be a Closed Group conversation happening on MeWe.com (for greater level of privacy levels).


NOTE: Even if you cannot make the timings for the live calls, still join the workshop.

The calls are like the 'icing on the cake', but the workshop itself 'is the CAKE'.


* This does not apply to the 'Self-Paced' purchase option.

Are you ready to become a SuperHuman?


You can get full access to the (VERY PRACTICAL) 5-Week Resilience Bootcamp and START NOW (Self-Paced) or join a supported GROUP Coaching Program starting in 2023 (Date: TBC).

It is time to let your SuperHuman-ness radiate like a supernova!!



"Sometimes things happen completely different than you expect.....I went into my coaching session with Carl with some idea in mind of what the result would be, and came out with something much better but totally different. He called me on my bulls*it, opened me up to possibility and shifted the way I look at certain aspects of my life. He showed me where I had been creating 'stories' and how these were limiting me, and gave me a new way of moving forward in my business and life. I've done a lot of work on myself. I'm renowned for over analysing and for diving deep into my psyche. I revel in looking into my darkness and staring it straight in the face. Yet somehow in the limited time we had together, Carl managed to shift some of the old paradigms I have carried for a long time, and give me access to an understanding of self I would not have been able to do alone. It was humbling and confronting and cathartic and I will be forever grateful."

Cassandra Pickel, Yogi and Retreat Leader


Healthy Habits

Critical Thinking



Self Awareness

Managing Emotions

Decision Making


Non Reactivity



Strategic Planning  




Health Choices


I am dedicated to, and fascinated with what truly ignites the inner greatness I know exists within all of us.

I have been an Army Major, a senior security consultant to four Olympic Games, a Coach for over 14 years, a corporate wellness trainer plus a seminar leader.

I was trained at one of the top military leadership academies in the world (Royal Military College, Duntroon), and have taught corporate leadership workshops. During my time as an officer in the Army, I experienced many physical, mental and psychological challenges, and understand the importance of the right (warrior) training and 'drills'. Since 1999 I have been practicing yoga, and studying eastern philosophies (and modern psychology), and now for over 10 years I have been committed to a daily meditation practice.

During the last 10 years, I have written five books, plus been a co-owner in a successful yoga centre in Bali for 5-years and I have now coached elite athletes (2 to world championships), Olympic Gold Medalists, CEO's, business owners, entrepreneurs and multi-millionaires.

I am qualified in NLP, hypnotherapy, reiki, personal fitness training, plus other healing modalities.

But most importantly I have an insatiable desire to help make the world a better place, by helping as many people as possible (myself included) to be the best we can be, in our own beautifully unique ways, and in a way that makes the world and the planet a more vibrant and harmonious place to live.


"Sometimes we want to change things in our life, but we’re not sure how to deal with them. We have doubts about everything but unfortunately also about us. This is where Carl has helped me succeed the first time. Teaching me how to be more courageous, how to gain self-confidence. Now he helps me with professional and personal growth, supporting me with his wisdom, experience and strategies. His empathy, capacity of creating an environment of trust and non-judgement and his flexibility are remarkable. Don’t be afraid of asking for an extra help when is needed, I’m sure he can help you."

Sara, Head of Digital Marketing, Spain


Sorry, but I have some less than pleasant news.


I personally don't think we will be getting back to 'normal' self-governed living, in weeks or even several months into the future. I also think if we don't show up in a different way than we did in 2019 or even 2022, we will not be a conscious CO-CREATOR in our Destiny, but will be steered into a life experience not of our choosing, and quite possibly against our very conscience. It is time to step into your potential, in a deliberate and intentional way, and let the inner radiance of you shine your light into any dark places (internally and externally).

  • This is for anyone that realises they need a helping hand or a new approach or a more robust methodology to engage with life around them, in uncertain times.
  • It is for someone who realises that their existing skills, behaviour, practices and approach may not be as effective anymore and realise they may need a major overhaul and upgrade.
  • This is for people who want to be future game-changes, and shape the world in the image and way that feels right for them.
  • This is for people who need to be reminded how 'naturally' powerful their bodies, minds and souls actually are.
  • This is for someone who has had 'enough' and is ready to stand steadfast in the face of government overreach.
  • This is for someone who wants to live life more consciously, in partnership with glorious planet Earth.
  • This is for someone who wants to fully (and finally) integrate their Head, Heart and Gut.
  • Anyone who wants to be even more anti-fragile, RESILIENT and fully equipped to thrive in 2022 and beyond.

"Become a Natural SuperHuman workshop brought me a lot of wise knowledges, techniques and practical activities that my being evolved.

Carl has so much knowledge in all aspects of life to share that will not only inspire you but will give you a different perspective on your life and how you can adjust the sails of your boat to achieve your goals with confidence and wisdom!"

Flavia Poffo

"Carl just seems to know what you need and when you need it! I am very grateful for Carl's offerings throughout the 'Become a natural Superhuman' workshop. Access to all of the content online allows you to work through at your own pace, dive deeper into aspects that require more attention and connect to like minded individuals from around the world each week.

Carl brings a deep level of understanding about human behaviour but also has the ability to make these teachings accessible to all levels. I often find myself using Carl's analogies when teaching others or in messages to myself!

A genuine human who gives you the nudge you need and perspective you need."

Taylor Morley

"What I loved most about the Become a Natural SuperHuman workshop was the weekly zoom calls. I felt supported, uplifted and empowered as a result of the calls and enjoyed being able to ask Carl important questions, as well as learn from other participants. The content of the course really appealed to me and I loved connecting to my inner leader, warrior and sage. If you want to uplevel and feel supported along your journey, I'd recommend this course for you!"

Gina Kausal

Are you ready to become a SuperHuman?


You can get full access to the (VERY PRACTICAL) 5-Week Resilience Bootcamp and START NOW (Self-Paced) or join a supported GROUP Coaching Program starting in 2023 (Date: TBC).

It is time to let your SuperHuman-ness radiate like a supernova!!


The Workshop is delivered on a world class training platform (Kajabi) so you can easily access,
view and even download some relevant content from your preferred device.


There are 50+ Training videos and Integration Activities in this 5-week Workshop
plus 6 x LIVE Q&A Coaching Sessions with Carl.
This is a 'COMPLETE' workshop, but in order to build up REAL RESILIENCE it is essential to 'DO THE WORK.' This workshop is a Strategic Training Course offering the best tools and techniques, for the best results, based on 20 plus years of experience and resilience training (at a corporate level). 


3 x Audio Books by Carl Massy (value: $50)

The Guidebook to Happines. The Successful Mind. Decision Making Mastery

Presentation on how to enhance your levels of 'Productivity' in a conscious way.
Closed Group conversations on the MeWe Social Media platform (Group Program only).
Discount on the IGNITE YOUR INNER GREATNESS: 30-Day Challenge Online Program (Save $50).
Go into the draw for 5 x 12-months subscriptions to the Your World App (released in 2022 - value $120).
For the GROUP Program, you will go into a draw for a 2hr Deep Dive Coaching Strategy Session with Carl Massy (valued at US$ 350!).

ZERO Risk, Doing Good with a HUGE Opportunity.


If you are not completely satisfied with the 5-Week Workshop (Self-Paced and Group formats), and the potential it unleashes in you (if you commit to all the integration activities), I am totally cool if you ask for a 100% refund. Zero judgement. Zero risk.

 A Percentage of of all Ticket Sales will go to Bali Street Mums

(Self-Paced - 25% | Group Program - 10%)

What does a 6-Month Coaching & Mastermind Immersion look like in 2023?


For those that want to go way deeper than they ever have before, and truly integrate what it means to live and professionally experience life like a SuperHuman, than this might be for you (2023 Program starts 1 April 2023).

  • Maximum of 8 people.
  • 6-Months professional training and intimate support.
  • 1-on-1 Coaching with Carl.
  • Mastermind conversations with other conscious co-creators.
  • Dive deep into your business and lifestyle.
  • Reprogram Limiting Beliefs.
  • Process past Trauma's.
  • Establish powerful & stabilizing Daily Rituals.
  • Learn from amazing Guest presenters.
  • Experience Traditional yogic kriya's to reset your autonomic nervous system.
  • Experience the clarity and health benefits of fasting.
  • Discover how to reduce your living expenses by up to 20% (= money back in your pocket)
  • And MUCH MUCH more...



“Carl, I am writing to express my gratitude for your incredibly generous offering of teachings in the Becoming a Natural Superhuman online course. This came at a time when I didn’t realize how much I needed it to refocus on what is most important in life. As a direct result of feeling inspired by your talks and doing the exercises, I cleared ALL the tasks and projects that had been hanging around and draining my energy for months. I realized I could kindly and confidently say NO to most of them, and then I said YES to the ones that are my highest excitement. Now, a few months later, I am experiencing a noticeable increase in flow - both money and joy. This is just one example of how this course was well worth the investment of time and currency. Thank you for doing what you do and thank you for being YOU.”

Sharon Cavanaugh
Skier, Golfer, Mindset Coach

"I would not be exaggerating when I say that Carl's "Become a Natural Superhuman" program changed my life.

It made me take a good hard look at my beliefs, fears, subconscious conditioning and how I view 'reality'. The combination of self-study and live sessions with Carl made sense to me and I was  pleasantly surprised by the wealth of supporting materials provided.

I continue to benefit from the teachings, insights and exercises from the program in big and small ways each day.  Most of all, I find Carl's style very easy and relatable, like a friend walking the journey with me."

Kannan Ramakrishnan, Strategy and Organization Consultant

(FREE Training)

When we feel like we don't know what to do.


This (30-min training video) is what I teach my private Coaching clients, when they feel like 'they don't have a choice' and for those that have not worked with me before, this training will give you an idea of my philosophies, teaching style, plus my knowledge and experience.



A snapshot of some of my LIVE events (for some street cred )


For those that don't know me and my work. I remember doing my first major presentation to 400+ soldiers in 1989 as a junior Lieutenant in the Australian Army and I have been conducting training and delivering educational seminars and workshops ever since.