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RESET(ing) Your Life with 3 Core Questions



Before we start a journey it is much much easier if we know exactly where we are starting from. What are our beliefs and values? What is and isn't working? What are your strengths and blind spots?



What is the lifestyle that you want to create? What do you want to DO, EXPERIENCE and HAVE? 



In order to experience the lifestyle and create all you desire (especially if it is NEW), you are going to have to make some changes in your life. Who do you need to become? How does that person think, feel and act? It is time to "Become a Natural SUPERHUMAN." 

Why Most Programs Don't Work

And why we chose to do things differently.


The challenge with most retreats or immersions or RESET's that you do while away from home is they often do a poor job of helping you to deliberately and strategically INTEGRATE all that you learned and uncovered, into your normal daily life.


So we decided we could best support you in 3-Ways:

1. You do a 4-hr Immersive Workshop with us in person. You receive training (Knowledge) and then do specific activities to turn Knowledge into Understanding and Experience.

2. We give you A Bali RESET Deep Dive Questions, which has a number of deep questions and activities, for you to continue going even deeper, throughout your time in Bali.

3. Finally there are Integration Activities for you to do when you return back to your normal daily life. PLUS you will get access to an online program (a 30-Day Challenge - valued at $147) called Ignite Your Inner Greatness, and a 90-min Q&A Session where we talk about your SPECIFIC challenges and suggested solutions when it comes to reintegration as part of your RESET.

The Details

This is what A Bali RESET will look like.

A Bali Reset Workshop

When: TBC

Duration: 9AM to 1PM

Where: TBC

What you need to bring: Writing implements (we recommend different coloured pens, and different coloured highlighters)

In the Workshop we will focus on 3 POWERFUL Questions, plus teach you in some critical skills for your RESET.


Reflection: Going Even Deeper

The way you are going to get the most out of A Bali RESET is if you continue to go deeper into the questions and activities we set you in the workshop.

We encourage you to find 'alone' time where you won't be distracted, and where you can let go of any attachments to the known and familiar from back home. This is about getting to know YOU even better. To understand what it is that YOU really want. To understand what needs work, if you are being 100% honest. And to start forming a Plan for home to BECOME that better version of yourself. 

Integration: Moving Forward

A lot of times the challenge of learning new knowledge, and having new experiences, when you are away from home, is when you get back into the known and familiar, it is easy to forget what you learned and what you committed to in an ideal environment (relaxing and spiritually rich). It is hard for all that new insight to truly be integrated.

How we are going to help you:

  • We have specific questions in A Bali RESET Workbook, which will help you prepare IN ADVANCE for re-integration after Bali. You will identify blind-spots and bad habits, and triggers, that might throw you off course.
  • We offer you access to Ignite Your Inner Greatness: A 30-Day Challenge (valued at $147); which was created by Carl and has been successfully used with 100's of people, to ensure they stay conscious and committed for an extended period of time. It will help you stay ON TRACK.
  • We will host a 90-min Q&A Session (on Zoom), when you are back home, so we can help provide solutions, tips and strategies to you for the specific challenges you might be facing, when it comes to integrating the insights you had in Bali.   


There is no better time to do the work, than now. Co-Create a course correction that will change your DESTINY.


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