There has never been a more important time to  push your personal RESET button - and what better place than the Island of the Gods. 


Now might be the best time to get a helping hand with this RESET, so you don't miss anything important, PLUS you get the right tools and strategies to get it RIGHT. What if we only knew what we knew, and didn't know what we don't know? In that case, a helping hand would be the perfect solution to a highly effective RESET and transformation.

What is a RESET about and what actually needs to be RESET?


There are a couple of ways to play out life. We can either be swept along by life in whatever direction it takes us, or we can be a CONSCIOUS CO-CREATOR in our DESTINY.

Taking specific time out of our lives, to stop, to take a step back, to step away from the known and familiar is the perfect tool to know if the life we are living is the one we desire or does something need to be RESET to bring your life back on track?

This is what we are looking at, in order to undertake a RESET.

Where am I at NOW?

We need to have a very honest and open look at where we are at now. What we are doing. What is working or not.

Where do I want to GO?

This is not only getting clear about what you want, but also asking whether what you think you want is what you ACTUALLY want. It is you taking your power back.

Who do I need to BECOME?

This is where real power is infused. The acknowledgement that in order to experience what you want, you need to think and behave in a certain way. 

A Bali RESET Workshop

4hrs with Carl Massy

This is where your real journey begins.

Most people come to Bali with the idea to rest, recover, review, revise and re-emerge. 

But without a plan, structure and expert guidance, it can be a hit-and-miss process.

That is where the Bali RESET Workshop comes in.

We focus on 3 things:

  1. Specific Bali RESET Activities IN the workshop.

  2. Specific Bali RESET Activities AFTER the workshop (while still in Bali and using A Bali RESET Workbook).

  3. Specific Bali RESET Integration Activities once you RETURN HOME (this includes a 90-min Integration and Q&A Session on Zoom)


A Bali RESET Immersion

2 - 5 Days with Carl Massy

Are you ready for a (MUCH) deeper IMMERSION?

No distractions.

Just 100% focused on you.

Where you are at. Where you want to go. Clearing obstacles. Creating the HOW. Making shit happen.


Fast track your evolution and transformation process.

It is time to really Co-Create your Destiny.


A Bali RESET Retreat

7 Days in 2023

Are you ready for a change?

Are you ready for a NEXT LEVEL change?

This is the perfect way to RESET the course you are on in life. 

To confirm if it is heading in the right direction.

To confirm if you are still happy with your direction (and destination) of choice.

And then to come up with a PLAN to make it happen.

Plus learn all of the best tools, tips and strategies, which will make it happen.

And let's not forget the DEEP INNER WORK, which will keep you on track at a subconscious level.

Are you ready?




  • HONESTY – In order to fully experience life, and make space for change, we need to be 100% honest with ourselves. No hiding.
  • Vulnerability
  • CURIOSITY – When we observe with curiosity we not only learn deeply, but we stay out of judgement.
  • COURAGE – This is the fuel and doorway to the evolution of our being, and our departure from ego-based living.
  • PERSPECTIVE – It is only through a broad perspective that we see how all the pieces most effectively and elegantly fit together.
  • WILLINGNESS – Without willingness, and the application of conscious will, thoughts and ideas will never make it into reality.
  • ILLUMINATION – In order to see where we are (internally and externally), and where we want to go, we need to power up the dial of illumination. Light (and frequency) also provides new information.
  • CONSCIOUSNESS – It is consciousness that brings us into this eternal present moment, so we can do the work, and effect real change. It also connects us to the Divine.



A Bali RESET exists to…

Create the environment, support, guidance and intelligent inquiry to allow people to get really clear where they are at, where they want to go, and who they need to become to Co-Create the destiny of their choosing. It is focused on the practical. On doing. On becoming. On alignment and integration. Helping people unlock the door and step into their true Natural Superhuman nature.


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