When would NOW be a great time to start writing your book.


Have you ever thought about writing your own Personal Development book, but don't know where or how to start?


 Want to know the most important thing to writing and publishing your book?


It's your reasons 'WHY?' - for instance:

• To leave a legacy of your life's work.

• To go even deeper on your favourite subject.

• Because you love to teach and share.

• To expand your business and brand.

• To position yourself as an 'Expert'.

• You just LOVE to write.


One of the WORST reasons why, and is really poor fuel for getting your book completed, is 'in order to make money'. If that is your primary why, then this is program is not for you. Making money is a great secondary reason, but a crappy PRIMARY reason. Having said that, we will talk about how to make money from a book at the front-end and back-end (we just won't position ourselves as used car salespeople).




Being part of the Authors Writing Program with Carl Massy has been such a wonderful, fulfilling and delightful process. Carl shares with us his process, making writing a book as simple as it can get, and making it possible for any creative to complete their story to the world. What an absolute gift.

I have been part of Carl's yearly programs for 3 consecutive years now and his passion, support and knowledge is like no other. This shows by the amazing group he seems to pull together for his programs. The excitement and inspiration that builds throughout the program gives you the courage and drive to keep going.

Truly a sensational experience and thank you Carl for keeping the cost so accessible for creatives. Shows the genuine amazing human that you are. I recommend this course to anyone that has a dream to write a book. You will not be disappointed.

Penny Petridis | Founder - Female Tradies | Australia







The specific book we will be creating, which is a very realistic and achievable Goal for first-time authors, is:

  • A Personal Development or Self-Help book.
  • 100-120 pages long (approx. 25,000 words).


We are not worried about writing a Pulitzer prize winning book (that would be great, but is not essential). We are writing a book that is of SERVICE to the reader, and is designed to impart the knowledge, experience and wisdom we have learned over our life journey and passing that legacy on to others.

Additionally we are establishing our expertise or proficiency in a particular field of study. Plus we are generating a high-quality item, at a relatively low price point for the reader, so you can establish RAPPORT with them.

Additionally, in an age where AI is starting to creep into the creative process, we want to write something from our own head and head, and through the sweat of the creative process, it makes us a better human along the way.


Real books. Written by real people (not AI), with real life stories and experience. Connecting and serving our readers, so we can together enhance the quality of their lives (and make the world a better place). 





Here is the deal. You could write a book by yourself, especially when I tell you how to in the free training video, at the bottom of the page.


Writing a book is not easy. It can be a lonely, doubt riddled, confusing and motivation sucking experience, if you are doing it solo. Having a team, of fellow Authors, who can share their pain, doubts, confusion, and journey, makes all the difference.





Have you ever heard of this?

Some people call themselves 'Best Selling Authors', when the TRUTH is actually this:

They joined a (dodgy) Writing Program for $2,000, where they wrote ONE chapter of a book - with 20 other 'authors' - and then each author 'purchased' 250 books, so the "SALES" on paper look like 5,000 books sold (20 'authors' x 250 copies), and it reaches a 'Best Selling Book' categorization.

When nothing could be further from the truth.

We are definitely not interested in that level of IN-AUTHENTICITY or fake positioning.


When we write a book together, you get to have the full experience of writing your book (including the sweat that is part of the process), and know in your HEART OF HEARTS that you truly are the Author of your book, and can call yourself an 'Author', with authenticity and pride in your heart.





Want to understand your 'teachings' at an even deeper level?

Many of us teachers, trainers, therapists, and coaches in the Personal Development and Wellness field, have a pretty good understanding of our topic and how it all 'fits together'.


But do you want to know how to take your understanding to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL?

You guessed it. Write a book. Immerse yourself in your subject for a bunch of months and you will understand it like you never have before. And be able to explain it better than you ever have before.

It will take your professional knowledge and teachings or coaching to a whole new level.


"I have recently completed the book writing process for my first book and I am grateful for the wonderful group of positive people involved. The guidance and support provided by Carl has been a driving force in bringing my ideas to life in writing, and in print. Carl’s ability to lead the process and provide support when it is needed has been so valuable. If you are considering becoming an author, look no further. This is it. I highly recommend. "

Mark Loveday
Founder, Loveday Financial










I (Carl Massy) have finished writing my 6th book in 2023.

Back in 2010, I set myself a big hairy audacious goal of writing 5 books in 10 years. By the time I had finished 5, I was hooked! So now I write a new book every 1-2 years.

And I have learned a hell of a lot along the way! Especially writing Book 6 (18 Ways We Make Life Way Harder Than IT Needs To Be), while guiding a group of first-time authors through the process.

I have also created a formula for the book writing process, where I (we) only write for 2 HOURS EVERY WEEK, so we can write a book without having to take a 6-month sabbatical!




This writing program is a little different from most, as you will come to learn.

It is a small group of first time authors, in a tight knit group, and with unlimited access to your Teacher and Coach.


  • Learn the 6-Steps to Writing a Book.
  • Learn how to Create a Game Plan , plus get direct support in its development. 
  • Weekly Group Coaching and Support Sessions (for first 10 weeks).
  • Fortnightly Group Coaching and Support Sessions (for 16 weeks)
  • Lessons on how to use the book to build your business.
  • Learn how to earn money at the front and back-end of the book.
  • Learn how to Publish your book on multiple platforms.
  • Learn how to create an Audiobook.
  • How to create content, off the back-end of your book.
  • How to build a 'mailing list' as a result of your book.
  • And a bunch more.










We started with 6 authors in 2023, but one of the authors had a major health issue in the family, so had to step back for several months, but he will still be supported and publish his book in late 2024.

The whole team got to experience the joy of the creative process, and the importance of the professional support, plus team support, when it comes to getting their book across the line.

Because it was a small group, we really created strong bonds, and had the opportunity to share our own struggles, which made the whole process less daunting for everyone.




The start date for the Program will be 1 July 2024.


Phase 1 - Training:

5 Weeks (Weekly Group Sessions).

Phase 2 - Writing:

4-6 months (Weekly Group Sessions for 5 weeks, and then every 2 weeks).

Phase 3 - Editing*:

4-6 weeks (Group Sessions every 2 weeks).

Phase 4 - Creating your eBook, Paperback version and Audiobook:

2-4 weeks (Group Sessions every 2 weeks).

Phase 5 - Publishing:

1-2 days (this is the easy bit).     

The total time for the book to be Published will be 8-12 months depending on the writing and editing phase.

The Plan requires that you only need to write for 2hrs each week!!



* Part of the plan (to keep your expenses down) is to do the editing 'in-house' with a fellow writer. You edit their book and they edit your book. If you want to get an external 'professional' editor, we will help you find one, but it will be an additional personal expense (approx. $1000 for a 25,000 word book). 



"Being a part of this Authors Writing Program with The Weekend Bookclub, is a game changer! I am a pretty self motivated, dedicated person and yet writing a book felt like too much of a task before this program. Carl's coaching makes the entire process so easy and enjoyable. Anytime I was stuck Carl and the group were there to get me over the hump. It's feels good to not only have the end goal of completing the book but to have done it with a bunch of really awesome people that want to see you thrive has been a highlight of the program. I know I have grown personally and professionally during the writing process and this would not have been possible without Carl and the Weekend Bookclub! I would highly recommend anyone wanting to turn their knowledge and experience into a living piece of art that support other humans to grow to stop procrastinating put any fear aside and join. Carl is a strategic, no BS, super fun and supportive coach and mentor, and holds a strong space of only good human beings allowed into his programs. You will feel safe, supported, motivated and like you are hanging out with a bunch of good friends the entire time. "

Kristy Renae Obst
Holistic Healer









There are some great programs in the marketplace that are up to US$7,000. 

However most don't have the level of intimate support and direct access to your writing coach or the breadth of topics taught.

Plus when you check out the Bonuses, you will see the crazy level of support you actually get.

And all this for only US$2,000!

Made in three separate payments (An initial payment of $1000, after 3-months $500, and then at 6-months $500).

TOO easy!



Here is something I can share from personal experience, having published 6 books to date.

It is friggin' hard, as a self-published author, to do an effective launch, without it costing a lot of extra marketing money plus time, energy and effort.

I knew the pain of this, so I wanted to make a way to help first-time authors get the exposure and reach they deserved. 

That is why we created THE WEEKEND BOOK CLUB. To shine the spotlight on new authors and introduce them to new audiences and opportunities to serve and generate income from these readers. 

This is a very unique and impactful offering for you.


The Weekend Book Club allows readers, and members, to connect directly with Authors, and to have the Authors work, teachings, philosophies and personal stories communicated with a broad audience of readers, interested in Personal Development.



I would love to guarantee you that you will publish a book. However, I cannot ethically tell you that.

What I can guarantee you of, is of the 6 first-time authors who joined the 2023 program, all of them have written their first draft, are in the editing phase, or are in the publishing phase.

And I will continue to support them all the way to the finish line, even if it takes (way) longer than planned.














Part of the Program is professional graphic design support (by Ferry Tan at Invisible Resources) to create the following:

  1. eBook Digital Cover.
  2. Audiobook Digital Cover (square).
  3. Paperback Digital Cover.
  4. Paperback Layout (a PDF file you upload to Amazon or other book sales sites).
  5. 3 x Digital images to use on Social Media to promote your book.




If this feels like something you have wanted to do FOR-EVER then send me (Carl) and email and lets start the conversation to answer any questions you might still have and to see whether you are the right fit for the (Weekend Bookclub) Authors Writing Program.

Email: [email protected]

And let's finally make your DREAM  a REALITY.




One of the great things about this program is that you are not only lead by a teacher, who has self-published 6-books (and counting), but has been a Mindset Coach for the last 16 years and counting.

As a special BONUS

you will get 3 x 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions (Personal or Business) over the program with Carl

(value: over $1,000)




1 May 2024

(And I support you until you finish the book)

I recommend 2hrs, in one block each week.

I recommend 100-120 pages for your first book (approx. 25,000 words or 1500 words per week for 16-weeks).

Of course!

I will tell you exactly how I have done mine, and what technology you will need.

I also accessed a studio this time, and that made the process, a whole lot easier.

I used Lighthouse Studios in Bali.

I will also tell you how and where to upload your Audiobook for the most exposure and sales.

That is why we have a specific plan for writing (and a results-oriented process), plus you have the group for support and myself (for 1-on-1 sessions).

About 4-6 months, if you write consistently for 2 hours each week.

The Group Sessions will be on Zoom and are on a Thursday and at 4pm (Bali / Singapore / Perth timezone).

"It was pure intuition that made me join the Weekend Book Club and it was the best decision ever. I did question my sanity at the time, since I already had a lot on my plate and had never even considered I could or would write a book. When I saw and heard what Carl was offering, I'm glad my Spidey sense told me to jump in. From the word go I was blown away by the simplicity and ease of the whole journey. First we did a mind map, then we turned that into an outline and then all I had to do was show up at my laptop for 2 hours every Friday morning. If I ever got stuck, I had the team to chat with every week, or daily on MeWe, but I never did get stuck because there was absolutely no stress to any of it. Carl is at all times calm, rational, playful, sensible and full of useful tips. He's an attentive listener and makes apparent obstacles vanish in a puff of smoke by just being so grounded and down to earth about them. I literally could not believe my eyes when I had finished the book-writing process within 4 months. I'll confess, editing was a little more arduous, but bit by bit, step by step, with help and support, I got it done. I made the choice to spend a bit extra on an outside editor (whom I found on Upwork) and although this made the process take longer it worked well for me and I formed an excellent working relationship with my very competent editor. The feeling of satisfaction when I was done was amazing - I'm an author! Incredible and unimaginable less than a year ago and now fact. I don't think I would have pulled this off on my own in a million years, but with Carl's guidance and our small gang of fellow-writers it was a breeze. I learned so much about myself and what I'm capable of, about patience, perseverance, trust and about being part of a supportive group with a common purpose. Infinitely glad and grateful for the experience."

Doris Hasslocker, MD
Health Coach


In this presentation I (Carl) will walk you through the 6 Basic Steps to self-publishing a book. I know that the right person can do this flying solo, but is is a LOT easier and a lot MORE fun to join the right team. :)


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